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I am using xbmc as an audio streamer on a headless system. Would it be possible sometime soon to be able to search and get the results back to the Yatse application?

Kind regards Staffan

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  1. Dariusz Dariusz repo owner

    It's more a yatse problem that it doesn't support search dialog. Actually, you can search but you cannot see what you write. But I don't know if it applies to the headless system.

  2. Erik van Ingen

    This is a fantastic plugin, thank you for working on it! And yes, the search function is lacking, would be great to have it, together with the add to playlist.

  3. JuergenBauer

    I just tried your great plug-in and also miss the possibility to search for songs or artists. When I do a search with the official Radio plug-in, I can enter search texts and also see my typing. So maybe there is another way to let the user type text Information.

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