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Spotify introduced the "Your music" section a couple of months ago, where songs and albums can me managed. This feature kind of replaces or enhances the playlists.

I would love to see access to the "Your music" section in Spotlight.

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  1. Sören Busch

    This gets requested all the time for all 3rd party apps that use spotify (see, but here is the sad truth:

    1. This would need an update in libspotify, which hasn't been updated in over 2 years, since the seem to try to move everything to their Web API
    2. Web API is useless as it doesn't allow playing full tracks
    3. Spotify themselves still haven't managed to put out an iPad app that supports "Your Music", so their developer focus surely doesn't lie in 3rd party apps to do this

    So there you go, It's not likely gonna happen in the near future and it might never happen at all

  2. Ricardo de Oliveira Saldanha

    What about play it using .strm files ? My idea is to use some external script to list and create the strm files with an url like this:


    I made a litle test with a single file and then the spotligth returned the following error:

    "Cannot connect to spotify. Are your credentials valid ?"

    If I use the plugin direct it works fine. This could be an option ?

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