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I can see my playlists, but not the tracks in them

Michael Spiegle
created an issue

Spotlight shows all of my playlists, but it won't show me the tracks inside of them. I kept adding xbmc.log statements until I found the culprit. Simply commenting out 2 lines makes it work for me (not sure if it breaks anything else):

    def create_track_list_items(self, tracks, page = Page()):
        xbmc.log("tracks are: %s" % ",".join(t.track for t in tracks))
        if len(tracks) > 0:
            indexes = range(0, len(tracks))
            xbmc.log("indexes are: %s" % ",".join(str(i) for i in indexes))
            #if not page.is_infinite():
            #    indexes = page.current_range()
            #    xbmc.log("indexes are: %s" % ",".join(str(i) for i in indexes))
            for index in indexes:
                track = tracks[index - page.start]
                xbmc.log("track is: %s" % track.track)
                path, item = self.list_item_factory.create_list_item(track, index + 1)
                xbmc.log("path is: %s" % path)
                xbmc.log("item is: %s" % item)
                self.add_context_menu(track, path, item)

                xbmcplugin.addDirectoryItem(handle=self.addon_handle, url = path, listitem=item)

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