I can see my playlists, but not the tracks in them

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Michael Spiegle
created an issue

Spotlight shows all of my playlists, but it won't show me the tracks inside of them. I kept adding xbmc.log statements until I found the culprit. Simply commenting out 2 lines makes it work for me (not sure if it breaks anything else):

    def create_track_list_items(self, tracks, page = Page()):
        xbmc.log("tracks are: %s" % ",".join(t.track for t in tracks))
        if len(tracks) > 0:
            indexes = range(0, len(tracks))
            xbmc.log("indexes are: %s" % ",".join(str(i) for i in indexes))
            #if not page.is_infinite():
            #    indexes = page.current_range()
            #    xbmc.log("indexes are: %s" % ",".join(str(i) for i in indexes))
            for index in indexes:
                track = tracks[index - page.start]
                xbmc.log("track is: %s" % track.track)
                path, item = self.list_item_factory.create_list_item(track, index + 1)
                xbmc.log("path is: %s" % path)
                xbmc.log("item is: %s" % item)
                self.add_context_menu(track, path, item)

                xbmcplugin.addDirectoryItem(handle=self.addon_handle, url = path, listitem=item)

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