TODO -- (from Jan)

  • Installation -- depencies should check for ninja and doxygen -- how do we install? -- why are we using "setup" after the setup? -- the default should be something that builds on all platforms. (For me following the instructions to the letter does not work)

  • Clean -- how do we clean everything (including CMake)?

  • Run -- how do we run?
    -- how do we know we are running compiled code?

  • Why? I have only changed the README

  • When dowloading from BB, there are missing .git files / dirs

git push Password for '': -> branch-policies -> clang-format Error: clang-format executable not found. error: failed to push some refs to '' 41 %


wercker status


TL;DR - complete script to get everything needed and build with ninja (-n)

tools/ -n

Running tests

To run the basic test, just execute:

cmake --build . --target tests

Alternative installation variants

To install dependencies to a different place

tools/ -d some/source/folder

To build off tree

mkdir build && cd build

More options see

tools/ -h

Subsections are meant to be possibly clear out some details about buildin llvm, buildin GNUR and rjit and running tests.

Building llvm

LLVM is used for compiling R bytecode and we will build it from the source code (it should be possible to use LLVM 3.7.0 installed by package manager, but that has not been tested).

"tools/ dir" will install and build llvm in dir/llvm

Building modified GNUR and rjit

Running rjit requres a modified version of GNU-R, so next step is to build it from source. Note that on Mac OSX, you will need to install fortan compiler separately from here or using brew brew install gcc (which will also install gfortran).