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Issue #3 new

Extract redmine logic from the HgWeb class

Alessio Caiazza
created an issue

redmine logic must be removed from HgRedmine(HgWeb) class.

As a first step in changeset <<changeset b2ab3bf4d8f0>> I've moved {{{HgRedmine}}} and {{{HgwebRedmine}}} classes into a package.

My idea about this feature is to split the HTTP Auth form the redmine integration.

I would like to rename class {{{HgRedmine(hgwebdir)}}} to {{{HgwebdirHttpBasic(hgwebdir)}}} and class {{{HgwebRedmine(hgweb)}}} to {{{HgwebHttpBasic}}}.

All the redmine logic will be removed from this classes and introduced in a new one that will provide user auth, permission checks and the repos list.

After that we can start talking about using REST API instead of direct DB access, direct LDAP auth, custom permission ...