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Fixed: LDAP authentication crashes if one of the LDAP attributes name is left blank on the LDAP setup screen.
When not checking "On-the-fly" register, the 3 optional fields can now be safely left blank.

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File app/models/auth_source_ldap.rb

       attrs = [:firstname => AuthSourceLdap.get_attr(entry, self.attr_firstname),
                :lastname => AuthSourceLdap.get_attr(entry, self.attr_lastname),
                :mail => AuthSourceLdap.get_attr(entry, self.attr_mail),
-               :auth_source_id => ]
+               :auth_source_id => ] if onthefly_register?
     return nil if dn.empty?
     logger.debug "DN found for #{login}: #{dn}" if logger && logger.debug?