You need to use PyPy to run this. To get started, using a recent virtualenv (1.6.1 or newer), virtualenvwrapper, and a recent PyPy (1.5 or trunk).

On Mac OSX you will also need to install binutils, to make objdump available.

To create a virtualenv:

mkvirtualenv --python=/path/to/pypy pypy-viewer

Now install the dependencies:

pip install flask pygments simplejson


python develop

It also requires pypy to be importable (as in source code), you can do this by setting your PYTHONPATH enviromental variable.

Finally, run it: log.pypylog

where log.pypylog is a logfile generated by PYPYLOG=jit-log-opt,jit-backend:log.pypylog pypy <args>. An example log file comes with a checkout.