Maciej Fijalkowski  committed 0af34b2

cleanup unused imports

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File _jitviewer/

-from pypy.jit.metainterp.resoperation import rop
 from _jitviewer.parser import cssclass
 class LineRepr(object):

File _jitviewer/

-import re, sys
-from lib_pypy.disassembler import dis # imported from the pypy source tree
-from pypy.jit.metainterp.resoperation import rop, opname
-from pypy.jit.tool.oparser import OpParser
+import re
 from pypy.tool.jitlogparser import parser
 class Html(str):
     def plaintext(self):
         # This is not a general way to strip tags, but it's good enough to use
         # in tests
-        import re
         s = re.sub('<.*?>', '', self)
         s = s.replace("&lt;", "<")
         s = s.replace("&gt;", ">")