WTH is this?

This is very bad code by @redgek that was written for 31st Ludum Dare Competition that took place at 06.12.2014-07.12.2014 I made this mess in about less then 30 hours of actual work. It was relaxing though.

About Game:

Ludum Clicker is an Idle Game where you make games to make money, basically EA Simulator...

Instructions: Click on computer to make game! Hire personnel to make games for you! Upgrade personnel to make them more efficient! Upgrade game cost to make games worth more! * Upgrade tick so it will take less time, remember your personnel makes Games per Tick!

The Vision: I wanted to make an Idle Game similar to Cookie Clicker, but with making games as a theme. It's on one screen so, it's fits the theme perfectly. Even though it's not that unique, or unexpected twist to theme, I find it nice and fitting. I procrastinated A LOT during this Ludum Dare, but I think I did well, this is the most relaxed one I ever did, so that's nice. On the other hand, I wrote the sh*tiest code I ever wrote, apart from 1st code ever. I feel a bit bad because of that. Now, back to vision, the game turned simpler than what I wanted it to be. Here are design docs and ideas: if anyone is interested. Basically, it was supposed to have multiple resources, nice industry jokes as upgrades and dynamic background depending on upgrades and hires, oh and special hires like: Botch, Jack Carmake, Johnathan Punch, Jaben Oldell, etc.