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Syapse ( is an RDF-based data store for semi-structured data. SyapseFDW provides a PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper to Syapse.

The Syapse (Python) API does not currently provide filtering or bulk fetching. As a result, SyapseFDW is fairly slow (apx 1 second/row for small rows).

The current code obeys Syapse cardinality: properties with cardinality AtMostOne or ExactlyOne are returned as values or None; properties with cardinality Any are returned as PostgreSQL arrays (potentially empty).

2013-05-24 Reece Hart <>


Install multicorn per those instructions. ('make install' is sufficient for me.)

Then, in psql:


FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER multicorn options (
    wrapper  'multicorn.syapsefdw.SyapseFDW'

CREATE FOREIGN TABLE locus_patient (
    description               TEXT        -- AtMostOne ; HtmlText  ; description
  , has_locus_experiment      TEXT        -- Any       ; ivl:LocusExperiment; hasLocusExperiment
  , locus_gender              TEXT        -- AtMostOne ; String    ; locusGender
  , assigned_project          TEXT        -- Any       ; None      ; assignedProject
  , locus_patient_id          TEXT        -- AtMostOne ; String    ; locusPatientId
  , locus_ethnicity           TEXT        -- AtMostOne ; String    ; locusEthnicity
  , unique_id                 TEXT        -- AtMostOne ; String    ; uniqueId
  , date_created              TEXT        -- ExactlyOne; Datetime  ; date_created
  , owner                     TEXT        -- AtMostOne ; None      ; owner
  , date_changed              TEXT        -- ExactlyOne; Datetime  ; date_changed
  , has_locus_patient_relation TEXT        -- Any       ; ivl:LocusPatientRelation; hasLocusPatientRelation
  , name                      TEXT        -- ExactlyOne; String    ; name
) server syapse options (
  syapse_hostname '...',
  syapse_email    '...',
  syapse_password '...',
  syapse_class        'LocusPatient'

reece=# select unique_id,name,locus_gender,locus_ethnicity,date_created
   from locus_patient limit 2;
 unique_id |  name   | locus_gender | locus_ethnicity |    date_created
 IP2000    | EX014-1 | Female       | Caucasian       | 2013-05-23T11:44:03
 IP1757    | EX009-4 | Female       | Caucasian       | 2013-05-16T09:28:43
(2 rows)


  • use unique_id predicates if available
  • expose AppIndividualId, and use these predicates if available
  • support saved queries, which are much faster but require downloading all data
  • write CREATE TABLE generator

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