"The REFCODES.ORG codes represent a group of artifacts consolidating parts of my work in the past years. Several topics are covered which I consider useful for you, programmers, developers and software engineers."

What is this repository for?

The refcodes-logger-ext artifact extends the types and implementations as defined by the refcodes-logger artifact with additional (extended) functionality. See the refcodes-logger-ext-slf4j artifact which binds the SLF4J logger facade to the refcodes-logger framework; taking over all SLF4J logs as being your SLF4J binding.

How do I get set up?

To get up and running, include the following dependency (without the three dots "...") in your pom.xml:


The artifact is hosted directly at Maven Central. Jump straight to the source codes at Bitbucket. Read the artifact's javadoc at

How do I get started?

Directly jump into the (sub-)modules:

Contribution guidelines

  • See the according (sub-)modules of this artifact.

Who do I talk to?

  • Siegfried Steiner (

Terms and conditions

The REFCODES.ORG group of artifacts is published under some open source licenses; covered by the refcodes-licensing (org.refcodes group) artifact - evident in each artifact in question as of the pom.xml dependency included in such artifact.