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use prereleaser before entry point

  1. Godefroid Chapelle

to avoid tagging before fixing metadata

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  1. Lennart Regebro repo owner

    Sure, why not? I put it after the checkout to make sure that we are checking the files that are actually included. But if you also include check-manifest, that shouldn't be a problem. Maybe I should depend on check-manifest and include it as a test?

  2. Lennart Regebro repo owner

    Well, yes, but not much more. However, since that metadata usually depends on several files, such as README.txt etc, they need to be included in the package. If they are not, running pyroma locally will work, but the package will be broken.

    The aim of pyroma is to check that the package is properly packaged. As such it also checks that you have more than one owner on PyPI, if you use it to check a PyPI package.

  3. Godefroid Chapelle author

    AFAICS, when you run pyroma on a directory, you do not run sdist (but I might have missed it). IOW, do you really test that files are included in the released package when doing zester on the tagdir ?

  4. Lennart Regebro repo owner

    No, when I run it on a directory I don't run sdist. By running it on the tagdir I only actually would catch if the file is not checked in, so running it before tagging is indeed better.