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Pyroma rhymes with aroma, and is a product aimed at giving a rating of how well a Python project complies with the best practices of the Python packaging ecosystem, primarily PyPI, pip, Distribute etc, as well as a list of issues that could be improved.

The aim of this is both to help people make a project that is nice and usable, but also to improve the quality of Python third-party software, making it easier and more enjoyable to use the vast array of available modules for Python.

It's written so that there are a library with methods to call from Python, as well as a script, also called pyroma.

It can be run on a project directory before making a release:

$ pyroma .

On a distribution before uploading it to the CheeseShop:

$ pyroma pyroma-1.0.tar.gz

Or you can give it a package name on CheeseShop:

$ pyroma pyroma

In all cases the output is similar:

Checking . Found pyroma ------------------------------ Did you forget to declare the following dependencies?: setup ------------------------------ Final rating: 9/10 Cottage Cheese ------------------------------


The project was created by Lennart Regebro, The name "Pyroma" was coined by Wichert Akkerman,