Armin Rigo committed 7d05feb

Comment, and kill outdated method (see start_transaction() in
the class StmShadowStackRootWalker).

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 def _stm_run_transaction(transactionptr, retry_counter):
     # Tell the GC we are starting a transaction
+    # (at this point, we have no stack root at all; the following
+    # call will clear any remaining garbage from the shadowstack,
+    # in case of an aborted transaction)
     # Now we can use the GC


         self.rootstackhook(collect_stack_root, arg,
-    def clear_current_stack_roots(self):
-        """Used when we start a transaction: there might be garbage left
-        behind by the previous aborted transaction."""
-        stackgcdata = self.stackgcdata
-        stackgcdata.root_stack_top = stackgcdata.root_stack_base
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