Armin Rigo avatar Armin Rigo committed aa7889a

Disable again the ThreadLocal class.

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-class ThreadLocal(object):
+class DISABLEDThreadLocal(object):
     A thread-local container.  Use only for one or a few static places,
     e.g. the ExecutionContext in the PyPy interpreter; and store any
                                    hints={'stm_thread_local': True})
     def __init__(self, Class):
-        assert not we_are_translated(), (
-            "You can only have a small number of ThreadLocal() instances"
-            " built during translation.")
+        """NOT_RPYTHON: You can only have a small number of ThreadLocal()
+        instances built during translation."""
         self.Class = Class
         self.threadlocal = lltype.malloc(self.STMTHREADLOCAL, immortal=True)


     py.test.raises(MyException, rstm.run_all_transactions, DoInOrder())
 def test_threadlocal():
+    py.test.skip("disabled")
     # not testing the thread-local factor, but only the general interface
     class Point:
         def __init__(self, x, y):
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