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+We're happy to announce robin, a new Doxygen/C++ to Sphinx bridge. Robin
+provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-hack integration of Doxygen documentation into
+Sphinx. Robin is licensed under the BSD and can be found at Bitbucket:
+* Robust extraction of Doxygen XML data via an easy-to-hack parser
+* Intermediate data is stored in a database (mongodb) for simple extraction and 
+  processing
+* Directive-driven output; each directive provides callbacks and hooks which
+  allows for deep customization
+* Automated generation of driver ReST documents: Similar to automodule;
+  however, robin generates actual ReST documents which can be inspected
+Robin expects a running mongodb on the local host. It uses a minimal set of
+external libraries: Pymongo, sphinx, progressbar. All of the dependencies can
+be easily installed using pip or easy_install.
+Robin has been developed with Python 2.7; we have not tested previous versions.
+Getting started
+* Run Doxygen to generate XML documentation (GENERATE_XML=YES)
+* Run extract-doxygen <path to XML> <project name>
+* Run create-rst <project name>
+	- This generates several directories (classes, groups, etc.)
+	- Include the groups.rst into your toc
+* Add 'robin.sphinx' to the Sphinx extensions
+* Build (make html) for TOC update
+* Build again (make clean && make html)
+We're using robin internally for a large C++ codebase, and there are a few minor
+issues left that we hope to resolve soon (all of them are tracked on Bitbucket.)
+After that, we expect that robin will go into "maintenance" mode focusing on bug
+fixes only. If someone is interested in contributing, please get in touch with
+  the robin developers
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