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Add patchwrangler external module. Fix nxpascal url

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 Description="nxPascal 3D game engine for Lazarus and Delphi"
 UnInstall=rm -Rf $(Installdir)
+Description="Patchwrangler lets you read unified diffs, review them, change line endings, paths, search for subdirectories if the patch was created there, and apply them using the patch program. Useful for applying FPC/Lazarus patches on Windows." 
+UnInstall=rm -Rf $(Installdir)


 unit m_win32_to_go32v2i386;
-{ Cross compiles from Windows 32 to Windows CE (Windows Embedded/Windows CE) ARM
+{ Cross compiles from Windows 32 to Go32V2 (DOS extender) on i386
 Copyright (C) 2013 Reinier Olislagers
 This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it