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command line prompt should accept only "Y|y" to continue

Anonymous created an issue

When the user is asked "Continue (Y/n):" and they enter something other than 'N\n", the program starts.

I believe the intent should be that only when "Y|y" is entered should the program start. All other entries should result in a "quit".

is: if uppercase(copy(sConfirm,1,1))='N' then

s/b: if uppercase(copy(sConfirm,1,1)) <> 'Y' then John Repucci / IPGuy

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  1. reiniero repo owner

    Thanks John,

    Depends on your point of view. The prompt has Y capitalized to indicate it's the default, and I think that's sensible as it updates your config.

    I can understand you may feel differently (and with valid reason)... but I'd prefer keeping it this way so I can e.g. just press enter to continue

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