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Unicode: fix for weird characters in title bar

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   GetMem(self.ToolbarData.AdditionalInfo, 1000*sizeof(nppPChar));
-  StringToWideChar(self.Caption, self.ToolbarData.Title, 500);
+  StringToWideChar(self.Caption+#0, self.ToolbarData.Title, 500);
   GetModuleFileNameW(HInstance, self.ToolbarData.ModuleName, 1000);
   StringToWideChar(ExtractFileName(self.ToolbarData.ModuleName), self.ToolbarData.ModuleName, 1000);
   StringToWideChar('', self.ToolbarData.AdditionalInfo, 1);
 procedure TNppDockingForm.UpdateDisplayInfo(Info: String);
-  StringToWideChar(Info, self.ToolbarData.AdditionalInfo, 1000);
+  StringToWideChar(Info+#0, self.ToolbarData.AdditionalInfo, 1000);
   SendMessageW(self.Npp.NppData.NppHandle, NPPM_DMMUPDATEDISPINFO, 0, self.Handle);
   StrLCopy(self.ToolbarData.AdditionalInfo, PChar(Info), 1000);
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