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Key command code seems wrong

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 {$MODE Delphi}
-  Pleae pass string information to NPP
+  Please pass string information to NPP
   using PChar, PWideChar or ShortString parameters.
   If you want to use this for ANSI Notepad++, please remove the


   i := 0;
   sk.IsCtrl := true; sk.IsAlt := true; sk.IsShift := false;
-  sk.Key := #118; // CTRL ALT SHIFT F7
+  sk.Key := #118; // CTRL ALT F7?? (Delphi original specified CTRL ALT SHIFT F7, but Notepad++ does not)
   self.AddFuncItem('Replace Hello World', _FuncHelloWorld, sk);
   self.AddFuncItem('Docking Test', _FuncHelloWorldDocking);