Utility that lets you read unified diffs, review it, change line endings, paths,
search for subdirectories if the patch was created there, and apply them using 
the patch program. Offers patch syntax highlighting to focus quickly on changes.
Useful for antediluvial versions of patch that do not handle these conversions 

Open source freeware under the MIT license. 

Command line parameters
--batch: never show GUI; abort if patch cannot be applied.

--reporoot=<dir>: root directory under which the patch should be applied 
(somewhere - using the same heuristic search if necessary as in the GUI). 
If not given, defaults to c:\development\lazarus on Windows or 
~/development/lazarus on *nix

--patchexe=<file>: location of patch.exe (needed if not in path). If not given, 
searches in paths; if not found defaults to 

--patch=<file>: specifies the patch filename