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Gratis, open source postcodezoeker en adresverbeteraar met open data van de 
overheid (BAG), geleverd as-is: hoop dat het werkt, maar geen garanties.

Als je een postcode en huisnummer hebt kan hij het adres opzoeken. Als je alles 
behalve de postcode hebt, kan hij de postcode opzoeken.

Zie PostcodeReadmeDevelopers.txt voor ontwikkelaarsinformatie die niet van 
belang is voor gebruikers.

Free, open source Dutch postcode searcher and address corrector using Dutch 
Government data.

Comments and additions to source code welcome at

Release 0.2.2 (20141013)
- Small fixes

Release 0.2.1 (20140929)
- Added dynamic library (.dll/.so), test program source and binary for e.g. 
  Excel users to use address validation/postcode lookup in their own 

Release 0.1.0 (20140922)
- Find more postcodes for addresses (if EVEN field is NULL)
- Minor code fixes (use city aliases on import

Release 0.0.9 (20140913)
- Removed postcodeatlas data
- Longitude/latitude/province output

Release 0.0.8 (20110912)
- Added support for spreadsheet (Excel, LibreOffice, OpenOffice) for bulk 
address correction and postcode import

Release 0.0.7 (20110909)
- Added some well known city name aliases (Den Haag, Den Bosch) to make lookups 
more reliable

Release 0.0.6 (20110908)
- Bulk postcode import speed improvements.

Release 0.0.5 (20110907)
- Increase lookup speed after bulk import (by recomputing indexes)
- Fix for passing accented address characters when clicking openstreetmap 
button (by URLEncoding query)

Release 0.0.4 (20110906)
- Cleanup of old 6pp data/remarks in readme. We now use postcode data provided 
by postcodeatlas.nl.
- Don't include .Net version in installer anymore as it's not maintained 
any more. Only the Lazarus version is used now.

Release 0.0.3 (20110518)
- .Net version: fix for street number only detection

Release 0.0.2 (20110518)
- Updates to .Net version
- Various fixes for Lazarus version