Various small small open source tools: 

- Bankconvert: convert various banking statement formats, export them to 
databases/files, etc. Work in progress. 

- dependencycalculator: small demo that shows how to calculate and display 

- fixscheduledtasks: Fixes corrupt scheduled tasks on Windows. Basically 
automates the steps mentioned in

- iniedit: graphical ini editor with syntax highlighting. Used in FreePascal's 
dbtestframeworkgui to select an ini section and optionally change/add those 

- iptableslog... a Linux iptables firewall log parser and exporter (to a CSV 
text file) handy for use with Microsoft LogParser. Programmed in FreePascal; 
MIT open source license. 

- livelazarus: attempt to set up a bootable Debian or other Linux system with up
to date Lazarus and FreePascal 

- pasql: FreePascal sqldb demo program that shows connecting to databases from 
the command line. Can run queries, stored procedures etc; keeps a log of all 
commands given. 

- SNMPInfo: started on an snmp info application for routers etc. 
Work in progress. 

- SSHClient: small Lazarus graphical SSH client using Synapse. 
Required DLLs for Windows included.

Formerly hosted here:
SWIGDelphi: see https://bitbucket.org/reiniero/swigdelphi