Catch conflict error when updating

Issue #7 resolved
Maurits van Rees
created an issue

It would be nice if checkoutmanager would continue after discovering a conflict while updating, like here with subversion:



/Users/mauritsvanrees/src/collective.developermanual Something went wrong when executing: svn up while in directory: /Users/mauritsvanrees/src/collective.developermanual Returncode: 1 Output: ...

Conflict discovered in 'buildout.cfg'. Select: (p) postpone, (df) diff-full, (e) edit, (mc) mine-conflict, (tc) theirs-conflict, (s) show all options: svn: Can't read stdin: End of file found


The best thing to do here, if possible, would I think be to postpone resolving the conflict and just continue updating the next package.

But at the end of the checkoutmanager run it would have to be clearly printed that there were conflicts or other problems.

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  1. Reinout van Rees repo owner

    Yeah, would be handy. Errors like this raise a proper internal exception. I can catch them and print them all out at the end, for instance.

    The problem is that it cannot differentiate between errors, but I guess we can just go on processing the others without real ill effects.

  2. Maurits van Rees reporter

    Just ran in this today again. Using "svn up --non-interactive" should do the trick, just like you recently did on zest.releaser. Then you do not get an exception but info about the conflict simply gets printed and checkoutmanager moves on to the next item.

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