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createzopecoverage provides a bin/createzopecoverage script that serves as a one-line coverage report generator. It is essentially a wrapper around z3c.coverage. It is intended for use inside buildouts, so there are two assumptions:

  • The directory you run this script from is the root of the buildout.
  • There is a bin/test.

And yes, it assumes a z3c.coverage, so a zope test setup. It doesn't work with a "regular" setup.

Installation and use

To install, add createzopecoverage to a zc.recipe.egg section. You often already have one for common scripts. So something like this:

parts =

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs =

alternatively you may use:

parts =

recipe = createzopecoverage

(Note: you can name your part differently and the binary will be named after that part).

This gives you a bin/createzopecoverage script that does the following:

  • Check whether bin/test exists. Safety feature.
  • Remove old coverage dir if it exists. This way you always have clean results.
  • Run bin/test with the --coverage=... option.
  • Use z3c.coverage to create the actual reports. By default into ./coverage/reports. If you start createzopecoverage with a command line argument (bin/createzopecoverage /tmp/output) it will put the reports into that directory.
  • Open the reports in your webbrowser if you did not specify an output directory. The assumption here is that if you run the script as-is, you just want to see the coverage reports. If you do specify an output directory, you're probably running it from within buildbot or so on the server and you want the output in some webserver-served directory. No use to open a browser on the server.


The source code lives at, you can also report issues there. Feel free to suggest improvements (and especially to make them yourself).

OSX comment

z3c.coverage uses the "enscript" command for python code highlighting. The version provided by OSX before 10.5.7 complains about an unkown --footer argument passed by z3c.coverage. There are two possible solutions:

  • Update to 10.5.7. That update came out a few minutes after I wrote this original comment :-)

  • Install enscript from macports.

  • Add a script called "enscript" on your path that calls the original enscript minus the offending argument:

    /usr/bin/enscript -q --header -h --language=html --color -o - $9

More info

Technical details and a full doctest are in createzopecoverage/USAGE.txt.

Made by Reinout van Rees.

Buildout recipe install option made by Michael Howitz.

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