lower bounds for Jmax and TPU

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Belinda Medlyn
created an issue

The bilinear method often can't fit one of Jmax and TPU. But we could still estimate a lower bound for these values. e.g. for TPU, if it is not fitted, we nonetheless know it must be at least

TPU > (A + Rd) / 3

for the largest value of A in the curve. If estimated TPU or Jmax is NA, can we return eg TPU_lb which is lower bound for TPU?

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  1. Remko Duursma repo owner

    The problem with this is that we cannot then make a difference between the actual estimated value, or the lower bound, since both would be accessed via coef(myfit). We can add some flag to the object indicating whether TPU was actually estimable, or whether the value is a lower bound, but the user would probably not notice.

    Maybe instead we can add a message to the print method, saying TPU could not be estimated, but is at least X.

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