One-point Vcmax (Jmax)

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Remko Duursma
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As requested, add the code as used in the Zhou paper (check De Kauwe 2016 for other details).

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  1. Remko Duursma reporter

    Should be merged with the method that is currently used in the bilinear fitting method, since there we have:

      data$vcmax_pred <- (Conc - ppar$GammaStar)/(Conc + ppar$Km)
      data$Jmax_pred <- (Conc - ppar$GammaStar)/(Conc + 2*ppar$GammaStar)
      data$TPU_part <- (Conc - ppar$GammaStar)/(Conc - (1+3*alphag)*ppar$GammaStar)

    so that Vcmax can be estimated as ALEAF/vcmax_pred

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