Incorrect default for RH varname in fitBB

Issue #43 resolved
Kevin Wolz
created an issue

The current default column name that is selected as the RH column in fitBB is "RH". This may be different for others, but this column doesn't exist in any LI6400 file I've ever used. My files all have an "RH_R" and "RH_S" column. If others have the same experience, then the correct default should be "RH_S".

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  1. Remko Duursma repo owner

    Mind you that 1) not all gas exchange files come from Licor-6400s, 2) older LI6400 files did have RH, 3) some folks rename their columns. Changing default behaviour is very dangerous!

    Instead I will open an issue on improved documentation of varnames.

  2. Kevin Wolz reporter

    Very good points. I'm definitely only familiar with the new LI6400 versions.

    Never having working on a distributed package before, I definitely didn't think about changing default behavior on people. Improved documentation is a good idea.

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