Error in Photosyn when VPD = NULL

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Kevin Wolz
created an issue

Anytime I call Photosyn with VPD = NULL and RH = some value, I can an error. For example:

Photosyn(VPD = NULL, RH = 70)
Error in mapply(getCI, VJ = VJ, GSDIVA = GSDIVA, PPFD = PPFD, VPD = VPD,  : 
  zero-length inputs cannot be mixed with those of non-zero length

If I supply both using the call below, then it obviously works, but the documentation does not make it clear that it is necessary. To the contrary, it says that VPD is "not needed when RH provided".

Photosyn(VPD = RHtoVPD(70, 29), RH = 70)

Furthermore, it seems that not setting VPD to NULL prevents RH from being used. For example,

Photosyn(RH = 70)

provides the same output as

Photosyn(RH = 60)

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  1. Remko Duursma repo owner

    Yes, it would be useful to either use RH or VPD fully. At the moment VPD is required unless gsmodel="BallBerry", in which case RH can be used.

    However you can do:


    if you really want to run the model with RH.

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