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README: how ran the tests and some other information

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 # BackMongo
-## Description
 It's a simple REST interface for MongoDB written in Python that can be used straight away from a Backbone application.
 It's an alpha version.
 We are using it to develop backbone apps without having to worry about the server side. We've coded what we've needed so far. In the future we plan to add more features, such as, authentication, user privileges, etc.
 * flask
 * pymongo
+You could install all with
+    $ [sudo] pip install -r requirements.txt
 ## Use
 ### as a Flask extension
     if __name__ == "__main__":
-### From de command line
+### From the command line
-    $ backmongo path/to/project/dir
+    $ python path/to/project/dir
 ## Examples
  - [Using Mocha to test a Backbone application on Node.js][1]
  - [Avoiding XMLHTTPRequest problem using jQuery on Node.js][2]
- To execute the tests you need to install first bla, bla.
+ To execute the tests you need to install Mocha globally
- Then you have to start a flask server by executing:
- bla, bla from bla, bla directory
- Finally, the tests are run executing a make file:
- bla, bla  from bla, bla directory
+    $ npm install -g mocha
+and later install the other required modules locally
+    $ npm install should
+    $ npm install jquery
+    $ npm install backbone
+    $ npm install xmlhttprequest
+Then you have to type in the console
+    $ make
+this starts a flask app that use backmongo, execute the javascript tests with mocha and stop the flask app.
+By default the tests are working in a data base called **backmongo**. If you need to change this create a file named **** in the root folder, or in some place in your **PYTHONPATH**, and set the data base name in the variable **DATABASE**. You could see an configuration file example in **examples/todo/static/**