backmongo /

import pymongo
import json
from bson import json_util
from bson.objectid import ObjectId

    from backmongo_conf import DATABASE, OID_PREFIX, CONNECTION_ARGS
except ImportError:
    DATABASE = 'backmongo'
    OID_PREFIX = 'oid_'

CONNECTION = pymongo.Connection(**CONNECTION_ARGS)

def clean_id(_id):
    if _id.startswith(OID_PREFIX):
        return ObjectId(_id[len(OID_PREFIX):])
        return _id

def dict_to_json_converter(obj, **kwargs):
    if isinstance(obj, ObjectId):
        return OID_PREFIX + str(obj)
        return json_util.default(obj, **kwargs)

def read(collection_name, _id=None):
    if _id is not None:
        result = DB[collection_name].find_one(clean_id(_id))
        result = list(DB[collection_name].find())
    return json.dumps(result, default=dict_to_json_converter)

def delete(collection_name, _id):

def save(collection_name, model, _id=None):
    if _id is not None:
        model['_id'] = clean_id(model['_id'])
    return DB[collection_name].save(model, manipulate=False)
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