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backmongo / node_modules / backbone / docs / jsl.conf

# JavaScriptLint configuration file for CoffeeScript.

+no_return_value              # function {0} does not always return a value
+duplicate_formal             # duplicate formal argument {0}
-equal_as_assign              # test for equality (==) mistyped as assignment (=)?{0}
+var_hides_arg                # variable {0} hides argument
+redeclared_var               # redeclaration of {0} {1}
-anon_no_return_value         # anonymous function does not always return a value
+missing_semicolon            # missing semicolon
+meaningless_block            # meaningless block; curly braces have no impact
-comma_separated_stmts        # multiple statements separated by commas (use semicolons?)
+unreachable_code             # unreachable code
+missing_break                # missing break statement
+missing_break_for_last_case  # missing break statement for last case in switch
-comparison_type_conv         # comparisons against null, 0, true, false, or an empty string allowing implicit type conversion (use === or !==)
-inc_dec_within_stmt          # increment (++) and decrement (--) operators used as part of greater statement
-useless_void                 # use of the void type may be unnecessary (void is always undefined)
+multiple_plus_minus          # unknown order of operations for successive plus (e.g. x+++y) or minus (e.g. x---y) signs
+use_of_label                 # use of label
-block_without_braces         # block statement without curly braces
+leading_decimal_point        # leading decimal point may indicate a number or an object member
+trailing_decimal_point       # trailing decimal point may indicate a number or an object member
+octal_number                 # leading zeros make an octal number
+nested_comment               # nested comment
+misplaced_regex              # regular expressions should be preceded by a left parenthesis, assignment, colon, or comma
+ambiguous_newline            # unexpected end of line; it is ambiguous whether these lines are part of the same statement
+empty_statement              # empty statement or extra semicolon
-missing_option_explicit      # the "option explicit" control comment is missing
+partial_option_explicit      # the "option explicit" control comment, if used, must be in the first script tag
+dup_option_explicit          # duplicate "option explicit" control comment
+useless_assign               # useless assignment
+ambiguous_nested_stmt        # block statements containing block statements should use curly braces to resolve ambiguity
+ambiguous_else_stmt          # the else statement could be matched with one of multiple if statements (use curly braces to indicate intent)
-missing_default_case         # missing default case in switch statement
+duplicate_case_in_switch     # duplicate case in switch statements
+default_not_at_end           # the default case is not at the end of the switch statement
+legacy_cc_not_understood     # couldn't understand control comment using /*@keyword@*/ syntax
+jsl_cc_not_understood        # couldn't understand control comment using /*jsl:keyword*/ syntax
+useless_comparison           # useless comparison; comparing identical expressions
+with_statement               # with statement hides undeclared variables; use temporary variable instead
+trailing_comma_in_array      # extra comma is not recommended in array initializers
+assign_to_function_call      # assignment to a function call
+parseint_missing_radix       # parseInt missing radix parameter