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Full commit
  "todo" : [
    "finish implementing window",
    "implement dom level3/core",
    "implement dom level3/ls"
  "done" : [
    "consider a cleaner way to do 'private' variables - NO",
    "dom level2/html",
    "dom level2/core",
    "dom level2/events",
    "investigate merging upstream changes from HEAD with dav's node-htmlparser fork",
    "consider implementing HTML based elements in level1 - NO",
    "ensure doc.documentElement is updated in long living dom documents",
    "pass YUI3 dom and selector tests via browser augmentation",
    "move node-htmlparser dependence out into a utility area",
    "allow YUI3 to run on top of jsdom",
    "run sizzle and pure templating on node",
    "build browser compatibility layer",
    "build dom level 1"