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This is a C++14 REPL/Scripting system for Maxon CINEMA 4D R15 on Windows.

Right now it requires Maxon CINEMA 4D R15 that is available here:

It also requires custom Code Editor GUI available from here: Download Code Editor GUI

New C4DPP_R15_140718 build uses now almost unchanged C4D R15 API.

This interactive system allows you to test/use C++14 code and C4D API directly in C4D without any restart. Code generation by drag and drop is also supported too. Of course there are some limitations and because this is plain C++ you can crash C4D with some invalid code.

Go to CINEMA 4D R15 C++ SDK documentation.

Download CINEMA 4D R15 C++ SDK documentation.

Use cases

Try some C++ code without recompiling and restarting main application.

Experiment with C++14 and C4D API.

Write and test some scripts for C4D in C++.

Code generation using Drag and Drop.

And more...


x64 Cling build for Windows is also available too.