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added nmf in main

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     k = args["topic"]
     topwords = args["topwords"]
-    models = [lda]
     documents = map(x -> x.filename, corpus.documents)
+    models = [lda, nmf]
     println("> Options are:")
     println("V:\t\t$(size(m.terms, 1))")
     println("D:\t\t$(size(corpus.documents, 1))")
+    println("Models: $(models)")
+    # Run each model on the corpus
     for model in models
         println("Topic modeling with $(model)")
         result = model(m, k)
                 model(m, k)
                 mean_time += time() - t0
             println("mean time (seconds): ", mean_time / nbRuns)
             # Cluster documents
-            println(cluster(result, documents, 5))
+            clustering = cluster(result, documents, 5)
             if args["stdprint"]
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