Georg Brandl committed 233dea4 Draft

Livescript lexer: fix string regex.

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 * Stephen McKamey -- Duel/JBST lexer
 * Brian McKenna -- F# lexer
 * Lukas Meuser -- BBCode formatter, Lua lexer
+* Paul Miller -- LiveScript lexer
 * Hong Minhee -- HTTP lexer
 * Michael Mior -- Awk lexer
 * Paulo Moura -- Logtalk lexer
 * Davy Wybiral -- Clojure lexer
 * Diego Zamboni -- CFengine3 lexer
 * Alex Zimin -- Nemerle lexer
-* Paul Miller -- LiveScript lexer
 Many thanks for all contributions!


     For `LiveScript`_ source code.
-    .. LiveScript:
+    .. _LiveScript:
+    New in Pygments 1.6.
     name = 'LiveScript'
             (r'"', String, '#pop'),
             (r'\\.|\'', String), # double-quoted string don't need ' escapes
             (r'#{', String.Interpol, "interpoling_string"),
+            (r'#', String),
         'sqs': [
             (r'"""', String, '#pop'),
             (r'\\.|\'|"', String), # no need to escape quotes in triple-string
             (r'#{', String.Interpol, "interpoling_string"),
+            (r'#', String),
         'tsqs': [
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