RepeatAnalyzer README

The most up to date version of RepeatAnalyzer.dat that I have been using in testing is also there.
It currently only has data for A. marginale and is not complete. 
Additionally, some locations are stored incorrectly. For instance, in South Africa, "freestate" will not 
return any results because the data is stored to "northeastern freestate". There are analogous problems
for several areas. 
The MapData folder holds shapefiles of the borders used in mapping, collected from
For areas with more than 15 or so repeats on a single point, pie charts will become blurred.
Legends may also run off the map if they contain over 20 or so entries.

Version Log:
	Improvements on DNA reading
		Incorrect codons are now replaced with X Rather than individual incorrect nucleotides being removed
		Added reverse frames
	General updates to AllData for accuracy
		Please be sure to reload from scratch (delete RepeatAnalyzer.dat)

	Minor bug fixes
	Repeat search can now support multiple repeats in Fasta
	Note: This is one of the last version releases before publication.
		In the near future, updates will largely be bug fixes

	Added frequency printout in genetic diversity results
	Genetic Diversity Search results are now in a new window
	Minor Tweaks to Genetic diversity plot

Added support for coordinate locations. now you can enter locations for strains as either country, province, county or coordinates. 
For best results, delete RepeatAnalyzer.dat and reload all data. (This prevents duplicate country names) 
	Note: All locations now only go down to the granularity of county for consistency. This may be changed in the future, if necessary.
2.7.4 !!NOTE!! If you experience issues, delete RepeatAnalyzer.dat and load data from source files again
Added supersets and similar repeats to repeat search
	supersets shows any repeats the searched repeat is a subset of
	for similar repeats, enter a number for the maximum distance on the search window
		and all repeats within that edit distance will be shown (0 will return no matches)
Fixed minor offset bug introduced to species selection in 2.7.2

Filenames no longer require an extension (unless it is something other than .txt)
	note: program assumes any file name with '.' includes extension
New windowed interface on the 'search by' functions for ease of copy/pasting
all windows open new processes (meaning they can be left open after the parent window closes, and multiple can be run at once)
locations are now selected by dropdown (alphabetical a-z)

popup windows now (almost all) run in separate processes
allowed more flexible input y or Y for y/n options
species can be added from the change species menu
identify strain starts on the correct species

2.7.1 Fixed a conflict causing searched not to return full results
Added global uniformity value
Added local uniformity value
Clarified some user output
Added functionality to show all repeats unique to a region
Changed 'calculate genetic diversity' to 'regional diversity analysis'
!It is highly recommended you use this version over earlier versions!

2.7 One major bug fix on data input
Several QoL fixes including the ability to identify the repeats from multiple isolates in one go (must be in FASTA), 
crash prevention on erroneous input, and correction of some errors in the data.
It is highly recommended you use this version over earlier versions and reload any data you are using (as it may have mistakes).
You can still use the same input file.

2.6.2 Corrected coordinate reference system (crs) of map so that state and country borders align properly. 

2.6.1 Added more flexibility when entering location names. Search now accepts strings like "usa, texas" 
in place of "U. S. A., Texas"