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  1. krother/Python for Biologists

    krother / Python for Biologists

    Code examples for Python courses taught by Allegra Via and Kristian Rother. The code examples are intended for biologists who want to learn Python without previous programming knowledge.

  2. hooked/Phys. Python Book

    hooked / Phys. Python Book

    A python book written by graduate students, for graduate students. The book uses the Lit-Py program to generate high-quality examples of common python tasks for physicists.

  3. bittu08/Python-CAS-Client

    bittu08 / Python-CAS-Client

    CAS client plugin for python application. Implementation of this plugin is different from "cas-python-client-plugin". It store the User's model in secure cookies as well as in django-1.5 user's model

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