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  1. InterIntelligence / C Elegans Python Connectome

    The Python Connectome are python programs that mimic the C Elegans connectome. One program is self contained, command entry program, the second has a UDP interface that allows users to connect the program to external applications. Both are written in Python 2. and both have been ran on a single Raspberry Pi.

  2. pbui / python-cctools

    This is Python package for the cctools. It provides Python bindings for various libraries a part of the cctools, along with various related utilities written in Python.

  3. pythonzibopt / python-zibopt

    This is the Cython development port of python-zibopt, a library for generating and solving Mixed Integer Programs in Python 2.7 or 3.2 using SCIP and SoPlex from the ZIB Optimization Suite. It aims to provide a seamless integration between the two environments, allowing the programmer to easily solve MIQPs using Python's convenient facilities for data access and manipulation, among other things.

  4. krother / Python for Biologists

    Code examples for Python courses taught by Allegra Via and Kristian Rother. The code examples are intended for biologists who want to learn Python without previous programming knowledge.

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