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  1. fzzzy/python-actors

    fzzzy / python-actors

    Python Actors is an attempt to build an Erlang-like Actor system in Python. It uses eventlet's green thread implementation to give each Actor it's own Process, implements Address in C to hide Actors from each other, and provides a wsgi application which can be used to expose Actors to the network easily.

  2. indpcompwiz/INDP Scientific Computing in Python

    indpcompwiz / INDP Scientific Computing in Python

    A repository for the Python teaching materials for the International Neuroscience Doctoral Programme. This repository covers teaching both scientific computing and Python (and likely will eventually also involve teaching appropriate math and statistical tools).

  3. tartley/vim_run_python_tests

    tartley / vim_run_python_tests

    Provide Vimscript and Python functions that run the Python file in the current buffer, or find and run its unit tests, or run the single test method under the cursor.

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