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  1. fzzzy/python-actors

    fzzzy / python-actors

    Python Actors is an attempt to build an Erlang-like Actor system in Python. It uses eventlet's green thread implementation to give each Actor it's own Process, implements Address in C to hide Actors from each other, and provides a wsgi application which can be used to expose Actors to the network easily.

  2. panzi/ Python XmlMarkup

    panzi / Python XmlMarkup

    Python XmlMarkup is a library similar to the ruby library XmlMarkup. It provides an easy way to generate XML data using Python 2.5's with statement. It also supports an API to generate embedded DTDs.

  3. tuffydog/python-audio-tools

    tuffydog / python-audio-tools

    Python Audio Tools are a command-line based collection of tools for managing audio data, and a Python module so one can build additional tools as needed. It includes low-level routines for internal codecs, and codec reference documentation for those who want to know how audio formats are implemented.

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