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  1. richdougherty/firefox-python

    richdougherty / firefox-python

    A rough port of Firefox into Python. My intention is to learn about the inner workings of Firefox by translating bits of it from C++ to Python. This software will never actually do anything besides run a few test cases!

  2. pchambon/Python Rock Solid Tools

    pchambon / Python Rock Solid Tools

    A collection of python modules aiming at offering a comprehensive and cross-platform interface to functionalities like filesystems, I/O streams, transactional systems, singleton applications etc.

  3. kveroneau/python-productstudio

    kveroneau / python-productstudio

    Not sure if any Python developers have used Microsoft's Team Foundation Server, it includes an application called Product Studio for managing bugs in your companies software. My job uses it for escalations to server teams and such. Recently, I found out about the SDK, which uses the Windows COM system, and Python has a module for this, win32com. I wrote this very handle class to query Product Studio for bugs, and also create new bugs. The class is very basic, but gets the job done.

  4. newmanr/boost_python_example

    newmanr / boost_python_example

    Example of how to move numpy arrays to/from python using boost python. Mostly consists of one function, and a janky build script that has hard-coded path to the necessary libraries, but it is a *functional* example if you modify the library paths in So almost functional?!

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