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  1. lorien/python-memcached

    lorien / python-memcached

    Mirror of python-memcached sources which I created because I have permanent access problems to the ftp server which hosts python-memcached distributive

  2. bdenton/Python Seminar

    bdenton / Python Seminar

    Code for my seminar introducing Python for data analysis. Topics include basic data structures, file I/O, plotting with matplotlib, object-oriented programming, NumPy, pandas, interfacing R and Python using RPy2, and interfacing with R and C using ctypes.

  3. bittu08/Python-CAS-Client

    bittu08 / Python-CAS-Client

    CAS client plugin for python application. Implementation of this plugin is different from "cas-python-client-plugin". It store the User's model in secure cookies as well as in django-1.5 user's model

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