glob2 /

Full commit
DATESTAMP=`date +%Y%m%d`
echo "Configuring without OpenGL"
./configure --disable-opengl
echo "Making glob2"
make >& /dev/null
cd src
echo "Creating static binary"
cd ..
echo "Creating source distrib"
make dist >& /dev/null
echo "Decompressing dist archive in /tmp"
gunzip -cd glob2-0.2.tar.gz | tar x -C/tmp
echo "Patching archive with binary files"
cp src/glob2 /tmp/glob2-0.2/src
#echo "Patching archive with map"
#cp -r maps /tmp/glob2-0.2
echo "Recompressing archive"
cd /tmp
tar cfz glob2-$DATESTAMP-static.tar.gz glob2-0.2/
scp glob2-$DATESTAMP-static.tar.gz
ssh ln -f -s ~/public_html/glob2-$DATESTAMP-static.tar.gz ~/public_html/glob2-latest-static.tar.gz