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udpated docs for client

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     # Score multiple pieces of text.
     scores = client.bulk_sentiment(['I love candy', 'I hate fish', 'I want to go watch a movie'], response_type='xml')
-    data = client.powerpoint('Test Report', 'Martin Ostrovsky', images=['FavouritePicture.jpg'], titles=['Gillian C. FitzGerald'])
-    fd = open('test.ppt', 'w')
+    # To make this example work, you'll have to have an image called 'test.jpg'
+    # in this directory. A new power point presentation called "Test.ppt" will
+    # be saved in the current directory.
+    data = client.powerpoint('Test Report', 'Martin Ostrovsky', images=['test.jpg'], titles=['A test title'])
+    fd = open('Test.ppt', 'w')
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