Martin Ostrovsky avatar Martin Ostrovsky committed 9d7f5dd

udpated ruby client to handle new notes arg for powerpoint

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                   :author => '',
                   :images => [],
                   :titles => [],
+                  :notes => [],
     args = {
       :title => options[:report_title],
       :author => options[:author],
-    images_and_titles = options[:images].zip(options[:titles])
+    images_and_titles = options[:images].zip(options[:titles], options[:notes])
     images_and_titles.each_with_index do |value, i|
       filename = value[0]
       title = value[1]
+      notes = value[2]
       image_data =
       encoded_image = Base64.encode64(image_data)
       args["slide_#{i}_image"] = encoded_image
       args["slide_#{i}_title"] = title
+      args["slide_#{i}_notes"] = notes
     call_api('powerpoint', args)


       :author => 'Martin Ostrovsky',
       :images => ['repustate.gif'],
       :titles => ['A test title'],
+      :notes => ['What a pretty slide.'],
     check_call('powerpoint', options, false)
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