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Migrate from Django Byteflow Blog to Django Zinnia Blog

Moves users, tags, comments, and posts

Copyright 2012 Richard Esplin

This script is licensed under the same terms as Zinnia

Assuptions to make it easier:

  • The site is small enough that performance doesn't matter
  • both sites use postgres
  • there is only one blog to migrate
  • there is only one author for both sites
  • just migrate the HTML
  • new_blog is empty
  • subscriptions are ignored
  • all commenting in new site will be disabled
  • all pingbacks in new site are disabled
  • all tags should be moved
  • no images are moved
  • no end-publication dates
  • created date is publication date

Items that need to be migrated:

  • Entries
  • Authors (nope: assumption)
  • Tags
  • Comments (with authors)
  • Pingbacks (become comments)

Database documention

There is a lot of documentation on the database tables for both blogs at the bottom of the script. Even if you don't need to migrate your data, you might find the documentation to be helpful.

Recent activity

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