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Don't operate forcing root-login

Florian Purchess
created an issue

It is very common that root login has been disabled due to security reasons. The current version forces the necessity of a root login ignoring the previous settings. Therefor it would be great to use sudo() instead of settings(user='root'). This makes the deployment more flexible.

Currently, I don't see a way how to deploy my application with parcel without opening the gates to my servers via root login. Did I miss something?

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  1. Crispin Wellington repo owner

    Access to root was initially intended to be granted through a key in your ssh-agent with root login privileges so that access to the build host could controlled by keys (issued or revoked) and if one had their keys installed then during their build they wouldn't have to enter any passwords.

    However sudo support is a good idea as many people will not be running a setup like this. The first cut of sudo support is added in https://bitbucket.org/retrogradeorbit/parcel/commits/0257f397b7a5b5dbcbd243b3f09137c8893fbdbb on branch 'develop'.

    A custom distro should be created. for example:

    mydistro = Ubuntu(use_sudo=True)

    and then pass this distro to Deployment

    mydeploy = Deployment('myapp', path='myapp', arch=mydistro)

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