PeML Perl Macro Language: flexible text preprocessor providing full
access to the Perl language.

The preprocessor copies input to the output, while substituting Perl
code contained within special markers: "$<" and ">$".

The perl expressions are evaluated and substituted with their results
in the output.

It is possible to choose different markers using command line options
or by defining the variables $peml_open, $peml_close, using Perl.


peml OPTIONS* [--] [INPUT] >[OUTPUT]


-open open_rgx: Define opening regexp for substitution area.

-close close_rgx: Define closing regexp for substitution area.

-output output_file: Select output file.


Hello World $< 11*3 >$, today is $< `date` >$


Hello World 33, today is Wed Nov  2 01:22:52 CET 2011
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