cgb-tools, v 1.0

Copyright (c) 2015 David Revelj

These are some tools I made for converting image files to binaries that can be used with Game Boy software. It's released under MIT license, according to LICENSE.txt.

The following tools are included:		rearranges the colors of a picture to prepare it for tile conversion		converts one or more pictures to a set of tiles		maps a picture onto a tileset, and outputs a json map file	creates a binary attribute map file from a json map file	creates a binary tile map file from a json map file		creates a binary palette file from a picture file	extracts sprites from a picture and saves the data to a new picture, and writes a json file with sprite positions		creates a binary oam table from a sprite map and a tile map

Example of usage: converting mypic.gif into mypic_tls.bin, mypic_map.bin, mypic_atr.bin, mypic_pal.bin

$ mypic.gif -o mypic_tls.gif
$ mypic.gif mypic_tls.gif -o mypic_map.json
$ mypic_map.json -o mypic_map.bin
$ mypic_map.json -o mypic_atr.bin
$ mypic.gif -o mypic_pal.bin
$ mypic_tls.png -o mypic_tls.bin

I recommend setting up a makefile or some shell scripts to automate the conversion process.

David Revelj