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This project provides very simple examples of using JIRA Studio's remote APIs.
For more information, see:

All examples use '' as their Studio domain, and a user called
'homer' with password 'beer'. Replace these values as appropriate for your instance.

--( ReviewInfo.groovy )--
Shows how to access information about reviews in a specific project,
using Crucible's REST api from a Groovy script.
  groovy ReviewInfo.groovy

--( IssuesFromFilter.php )--
Shows how to retrieve issues using a filter and update them with a comment,
using JIRA's SOAP api from a php script.
  php IssuesFromFilter.php

--( FindReplace.rb )--
Shows how to search & replace a term in a wiki, using Confluence's XML-RPC
api from a Ruby script.
  ruby FindReplace.rb

--( confluence4r.rb )--
Helper library used by FindReplace.rb.