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Updates for secure communication by default
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Updates for secure communication by default
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Updates for secure communication by default

Setup RSYSLOGd as you normally would and define the output using the

Designed for RSYSLOG but anything in syslog format can be piped through the program

usage: [-h] [--ssl_noverify] [--source SOURCE] [--sourcetype SOURCETYPE] [--index INDEX] [--host HOST] [--maxBatch MAXBATCH] [--maxQueue MAXQUEUE] [--maxThreads MAXTHREADS] http_event_collector_key http_event_collector_host

positional arguments: http_event_collector_key http event collector token http_event_collector_host http event collector fwdn

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --ssl_noverify disable ssl validation --source SOURCE --sourcetype SOURCETYPE --index INDEX --host HOST --maxBatch MAXBATCH max number of records allowed in one batch of requests for hec --maxQueue MAXQUEUE max number of records to be read from rsyslog queued for transfer --maxThreads MAXTHREADS max number of threads for work