*** ZEBRA - Zurich's Extragalactic Bayesian Redshift Analyzer ***

ZEBRA is a tool for estimating redshifts and template
types of galaxies using medium- and broad-band photometric data. It 
employes novel techniques within the template-fitting approach 
to produce high quality Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian redshift estimates.

In Feldmann et al. 2006 we have demonstrated ZEBRA's performance using the
Subaru, CFHT and NOAO groundbased photometry (Capak et al. 2006; Taniguchi
et al. 2006; ApJ COSMOS Special issue) on a sample of ~50,000 COSMOS galaxies
and, as a training set, zCOSMOS spectroscopic redshifts that were available
for 1.8% of the sample under study.

The package contains the following subdirectories:
src: The source code of ZEBRA.
doc: User manual.
scripts: Example scripts for ZEBRA.
examples: Example data for ZEBRA (to be used with the example scripts).

Please read the user guide: doc/user_manual_ZEBRA.pdf

Installation from source requires lapack and the GNU scientific library.

Any problems, comments and suggestions should be send via e-mail

It is kindly requested that the use of ZEBRA is acknowledged with an explicit
reference to Feldmann, Carollo, Porciani, Lilly et al., MNRAS 372, 565 (2006)
in the bibliographic list of any resulting publication.