Julian Brost  committed 8fde846

Removed MoinFlask class. This enables autoescaping in the templates.

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File MoinMoin/

 from jinja2 import ChoiceLoader, FileSystemLoader
-class MoinFlask(Flask):
-    # TODO: at all places where we insert html into output, use the Markup
-    # class of flask/jinja so we can switch autoescape on in the end.
-    select_jinja_autoescape = False
 from MoinMoin import log
 logging = log.getLogger(__name__)
     @param **kwargs: if you give additional key/values here, they'll get patched
                      into the moin configuration class (before it instance is created)
-    app = MoinFlask('MoinMoin')
+    app = Flask('MoinMoin')
     if flask_config_file: