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MoinMoin - a wiki engine in Python

Copyright (c) 2000-2006 by Juergen Hermann <> Copyright (c) 2006-2010 The MoinMoin development team, see

All rights reserved, see docs/licenses/COPYING for details.

Documentation and Support


Project homepage is at - there are also links to support resources and informations about MoinMoin development status and plans.

In general, please make sure that documentation you read on the wiki or somewhere else on the web is written for the moin version you are using.

For support, please try the documentation, the homepage, the irc channel and the mailing list before contacting the MoinMoin authors directly.

If you have trouble with apache (or other webserver) configuration, please try reading the web server's documentation. Same thing applies for any other 3rd party software usually used with moin, but not written by the MoinMoin developers.


See docs/CHANGES for a version history. READ THIS! See docs/REQUIREMENTS for a list of requirements.


We have to thank a lots of people for their valuable ideas, time and contributions - please see the MoinMoinAcknowledgements page there: